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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Read Some Thingys!!!!!!

Good Charlotte Quotes to their song:

Hey if people say your young than I am younger and if people say your hopless........than...Well they won't say nothing about me 'cause I ain't hopeless.=]

Hey I may be young,but I am not so hopeless.

Panic! At the Disco quotes to their songs:

People starting a Panic ! At the Disco. They go up to me and ask me what kind of tragieties do you write. I can't take it so I scream I write SINS not Tragietes.

Love quotes:

As you admire your that someone that doesn't notice you. You pretend as if you were going to sharpen your pencil, you notice at that moment that your pencil is a mechanical one.

Everyday you smile at one boy that always ignores you. The next day you smile at a different boy and the boy from yesturday wishes you'd smile at him.

You hang with your BFF everyday and he is boy and you are a girl. One day when he comes to go with you to school you realize that you try to look real good for your BFF and that moment you realize that your actions made you feel more than friends.

You drop a pencil during Math and when you go to pick up your pencil someone asks 'is this your pencil' and you start to smile.


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