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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Loving my friends !!

Kathy{love her}
Kelly{love her}
Margret( from GURALSKI>){love her}
Sarah{love her}
Riely{love her}
Monica{love her}
Daria{love her}
Patty ( from GURALSKI>){love her}
Ola ( from GURALSI> she also has her birthday one day after mine)
Donna (never really met her ,but I feel like I know her)
Christine (same as donna((donna's sis)) ){love her}
Wendy{love her}
Anna K (from math){love her}
Sabina(my cuz) {love her}(also my GC teacher!lol)
Aneta(cuz and friend) {love her}
Patty(my cuz and GC teacher! lol =]) {love her}
Pamela (my cuz and friend) {love her}
Anna N (from social studies) {love her}

and there is more ,but I can't think of then so I will have to just add them when I remeber kk!!


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