Hi, I'm Kinga. I'm cool, get to know me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

myspace about me's.

Hi, I'm Kinga Margaret Bobak, but call me Big Rob (no one ever gets it)
I'm 15 for now. I attend Argo Community High School.
Incoming Sophmore. I don't know where to begin with myself. I've written so many about me's.
And each one was different. I guess you can't explain a person in just writing. I sure can't. But I'm sure if we had accouple of conversations you would know enough to understand me,
and be friends with me or maybe the opposite. whatever. I still collect stickers. There's so much to me, but
those things are just not important. And if you're willing to not give up on me, or make any promises you can't keep. Talk to me or something,


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